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Your star sign defines you in several ways, and your life partner preference and compatibility also depend on your zodiac sign. WOO has been matching couples for a long and to continue being the perfect matchmaker, we have introduced zodiac dating. Find Capricorn singles in your area with India's top dating website for Capricorn dating.

This handy feature allows you to customize your zodiac-based search to find your Capricorn single cosmic connection. You can check profiles, start chatting, or call through the app without worrying about your safety. Being India's best women-centric website, we provide zodiac dating features to our users, absolutely free.

Zodiac dating features allow you to meet Capricorn singles and give an insight into different zodiac personalities. You can check your best compatible zodiac sign by Capricorn dating and search for the love of your life with WOO dating app. 

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25 , female

I am simple honest and faithful. I'm a christain and dont compromised my faith. i believe people meet for reasons ….

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33 , female

A few words can never do justice to who I am but still - Foodie, Cinephile, Bookworm, and an aspiring IAS officer. If coffee dates interest you, we'd fit well. ….

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Siddhant Malhotra,

38 , male

I can promise you I m more entertaining than Netflix a fun loving person ….

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Capricorn Dating: Attractive Traits of Capricorn Men and Women

Capricorns are determined, ambitious and strong. They prefer a small circle of loyal and supportive people. Capricorn men and women prefer a comfortable luxurious nest and live grand lifestyles.
Capricorn singles are the shrewd judge of the character of others and are self-aware of their own need and desires too.
Capricorn men may be overly stubborn sometimes but are tremendously devoted to those they are in love with.
Capricorns, as charming as they are from the inside, are equally polished on the outside. They are exceedingly romantic but not very expressive in love. They prefer security and stability in relationships rather than being reckless.
Capricorn women are fun to be with and are the life of party. Capricorn women look for a partner with a combination of traditional and modern values.

Capricorn zodiac compatibility with other zodiac signs 

Capricorn singles are no-drama people and like straightforward people. They generally gravitate towards Taurus and Virgo men and women, who share a similar emotional connection.

Their passion and hard-working nature match the water signs- Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. They usually make decent romantic pairs


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