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Though arranged marriages are more prevalent in India, the youth in major cities in India are now showing an initiative in playing the matchmaking game themselves. Though there are many applications and services available for the same, there has always been minor issues that still need tweaking. There is no clear winner, yet. Though global audiences have gone gaga over ‘Tinder’, it has not attracted the attention of the Indian demographic for various reasons. ‘Woo’ now aims to tap into this market and help you write your love story.

U2opia Mobile recently launched Woo, a smartphone app available on Android and iOS which gives users, a platform to connect with like-minded, interesting, urban singles from the same city. U2opia Mobile is targeting educated, young, single professionals between the ages of 25-35 years old, for this product. It provides the perfect alternative to casual dating apps and the old-fashioned matrimonial websites that are currently available and is intended for mature, sophisticated individuals who are seeking substantial interactions, based on real criteria like similar lifestyles and interests, rather than arbitrary ones like complexion, weight, caste which are used traditionally.

U2opia Mobile is a mobile technology company that creates made-for-the-world products that connect people with global information resources and with each other, regardless of the device they use or the country they live in. Its products span the entire mobile spectrum, with solutions geared for the simplest of devices, all the way to the smartest. U2opia Mobile is a key enabler in bringing hitherto unconnected users onto the global information network, unlocking immense value for businesses and consumers worldwide.

The company has operations spread over 40 countries, catering to 20 million users and counting, globally, and runs its global operations from its offices in India, Singapore, Dubai and the US. U2opia Mobile is backed by Matrix Partners since 2011, who provide strategic market reach as well as strong financial support.

‘Woo is about real relationships – relationships with people you could genuinely connect with, people with whom you have friends in common and relationships that actually have a chance of translating into reality’, says Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder of U2opia Mobile.

Woo is underpinned on 3 key factors:

Curated Community – Woo actively screens each application before letting users onto the app. Woo allows only single users to sign up, keeping out non-serious thrill-seekers. Moreover, with a sophisticated filtering algorithm, Woo weeds out fake profiles, ensuring a high-quality, curated community of sophisticated, mature individuals seeking something substantial and meaningful.

Circle of Trust – The number one way people meet today, despite other available options, is still via friends. Woo mimics that very thing on the app, where it allows you to see if you have mutual friends with someone you like on Woo. If you do, you can actually ask the mutual friend to make introductions and help get the conversation started. Having someone familiar in common also boosts the trust and confidence users feel in initiating conversation.

Hyper-local – Woo believes that real connections take place in the real world and should not be hindered by long distances. Hence, Woo only connects people within the same city. That way, if two users form a match and like each other, they can decide to meet up in the real world at any time.

“We’re thrilled to launch Woo in Bangalore. Over the last few years, Bangalore has transformed into a sort of cultural melting pot with young people from all over the country, making it their home. Given the young and cosmopolitan nature of the city, it was a natural choice for us to decide to launch Woo in Bangalore”, adds Menon.

Woo fills the space between frivolous dating apps and old-fashioned matrimonial websites to help young people form meaningful relationships on their own terms, without any pressure. Matrimonial sites make something as important as finding a life partner a very transactional process, where you are judging someone not by who they are, but filters like complexion, weight etc. Woo intends to match people with similar lifestyles and interests, rather than the same caste, gothra and so on.

As you log into Woo, it throws you a bunch of profiles to drool over. These are not random profiles from your area but the ones pulled out by the app with intelligence gathered from your Facebook data to find profiles similar to you in terms of lifestyle and interests.Age, interests, profession, mutual friends are just some of the parameters Woo uses to match the users with potential partners. There are many more too. Someone takes your fancy, you swipe down to like them. If they like you back, both of you connect. No rejections. No pressure.

To download the app or get more information about it please visit their website. Do download the app and let us know what you think about it.

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