Woo Safety Tips

Welcome to Woo!

Woo dating app is a platform for singles to form meaningful relationships but one needs to be careful when communicating with new matches. We advise you to trust your instinct when it comes to safety and exercise good judgment whenever you meet a person online or offline. Here are a few tips that can help you stay safe and enjoy a pleasant dating experience.


Online Safety Tips

Do Not Send Money or Disclose Financial Details

Sending money through an online medium or wire transfer isn’t recommended. Even if any user says that they are experiencing an emergency, don’t transfer any amount to them until you’re assured about their authenticity. We shall not be deemed answerable for any fraud that occurs beyond the Woo app or website. If any account forces you to send money, immediately report them to us so that we can take appropriate action immediately.


Guard Personal Information

Sharing personal information, for instance, your home address, work address, routine, or travel route can be risky. If you have children, make sure that their schools/routine isn’t shared on your profile as it can endanger their safety. Woo also recommends taking a certain duration of time before disclosing your full-name or work profile.


Keep the conversations restricted to Woo dating app only

Avoid immediately shifting to the other messaging services when you start talking to a match. Spam accounts might use your phone number/email/any contact information in inappropriate ways and this is why staying on the Woo dating app platform is recommended. We believe that safety is essential and value the privacy of all our users.


Avoid Any Long Distance or Overseas Affiliation

The online world is plagued by scammers who say that they belong to one’s country but are based out of another location. Some inappropriate accounts try to ask for money from users, and the Woo dating app recommends all its users to stay alert and report such profiles. One should also vary of those who don’t wish to engage or disclose their details but force others on doing the same. The Woo Phone feature is a pertinent function that can help users know their matches with ease. One is advised to exercise caution when long-distance conversations are involved. 


Reach Out to Us About Suspicious/Offensive Behavior

Acting proactively is the best thing one can do when it comes to reporting inappropriate accounts. As soon as any user behaves in a manner that is not condoned by the Woo platform, let us know by using the “Block and Report” option. We shall immediately take action to ensure your safety. You can block anyone that engages in the following actions –

  1. Requests/Forces you for money
  2. Has an Underage profile/pictures of teenagers
  3. Sends threats or intimidating messages
  4. Sends inappropriate or lewd text messages
  5. Fraudulent behavior
  6. Encourages you to constantly check out their website or any third party app/buy any product/use any service

Make sure to check our Community Guidelines to know more about offensive and inappropriate behavior that should be blocked and reported.


Keep Your Account Safe

Choosing the right password carries paramount significance when it comes to account safety. One should practice utmost caution while logging into the Woo dating app with a new device that’s public or shared. Woo never asks for your login information or your account password via phone calls or emails. 


Tips for Meeting Someone in Person

Don’t Rush Anything

Woo is a premium dating app for singles and we recommend users to ensure the identity of the account they’re talking to. Before meeting in person or chatting over other messaging platforms, one can use the Woo Phone feature for screening purposes without putting their privacy at risk.


Meet at a Public Place

While dating is a private endeavor, avoid going to a private location on initial dates. Never invite a stranger to your house or agree to visit their lodgings before knowing everything about them. If someone’s forcing you to move to a private location, don’t comply. Meeting in a public place ensures extra safety.


Share Your Itinerary with Friends/Family

Sharing information with someone trustworthy will ensure added safety and prevent any unpleasant situation from taking place. Also, ensure that your smartphone is charged and in-network range at all times. 


Be In-Charge of Transportation

While dating is a special experience, the Woo dating app would advise you to be in charge of your transportation needs in the beginning. Download a cab service app and ask a friend to stay available in case your method of transportation fails.


Avoid Leaving Drinks Unattended

When it comes to meeting a match for the first same, users are advised to be alert at all times. Avoid all kinds of pressure (if that is coming from the other end) and choose your comfort over everything else. Stay alert and keep an eye on their behavior so that you can leave if anything unpleasant occurs. 

Similarly, never leave your drink unattended. Don’t rely on your date to pour your cocktail or soft drink for you, and take charge. It is also advised to keep personal items like purse, wallet, or other such items, with you at all times.


Trust Your Gut and Leave if You’re Uncomfortable 

The Woo dating app believes in the power of meaningful connections and recommends its users to practice the same. If someone you meet for the first time makes you uncomfortable or restless, leave. It is better to trust your instinct in this situation. If you find it difficult, ask the restaurant staff or any other person for help. You can also ask your friends to be in touch with you in case you feel unsafe.

By following these safety tips, you can have an unprecedented dating experience with Woo. Never compromise your safety and remember these tips when chatting with/meeting someone new for the first time.