Woo Safety and Policy Center

Woo’s Promise to its Users

At Woo, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a comfortable space for every community member. We focus extensively on the overall well-being of our users for a pleasant dating experience. Sometimes people encounter inappropriate accounts that can hinder the experience but we are here to help them at all times during such situations. As a trusted dating app, Woo consistently works on user safety and provides a credible platform to make meaningful connections. 

You can find more about our ways of handling spam accounts below. We work to ensure a safe environment for each existing user, and this is what all our efforts are directed towards.

Safety Tools:

Woo uses a plethora of ways to keep the platform safe and secure for every user. If anyone is found showcasing inappropriate behavior including harassment, solicitation, intimidation, fraud, etc with other users, Woo immediately takes action.

Woo relies on our users’ reports and our team diligently works to ensure that spam or inappropriate accounts are removed from our platform. We wish to spread positivity and meaningful relationships and we are proactive when it comes to taking relevant steps to help our users.

Woo does not condone any kind of violence, harassment, or misconduct when it comes to our community. We have stringent Community Guidelines and Terms of Use in place that must be followed. Users can report inappropriate accounts and help us in keeping the platform safe for everyone involved.



Fraud is a serious topic for us at Woo. Sending money through an online medium or wire transfer isn’t recommended. Even if any user says that they are experiencing an emergency, one is recommended to not transfer any amount to them. We shall not be deemed answerable for any fraud that occurs beyond the Woo app or website. If any account forces you to send money, immediately report them to us so that we can take appropriate action.

Reporting a scam account will not only save you but will also help in keeping other users safe on the platform.

Data Privacy and Platform Security:

The notion of privacy has seldom been ignored in the social domain but we place utmost significance on it. All information provided by a user will continue to be under protection irrespective of their membership or subscription status. They can rest assured about their data being safe as they use the Woo dating app or website. We have strict protocols when it comes to saving the private information of our users.

Woo keeps one’s personal information only as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes and as permitted by the applicable law. In practice, we delete or anonymize one’s information upon deletion of their account (following the safety retention window) or after two years of continuous inactivity. One can go through our detailed Privacy Policy in case of any doubts or problems.

Additional Policies and Information

We have created the Woo dating app to help users connect, network, and make connections respectfully and the same is expected out of all users. At Woo, every user is equally important to us and we wish to create a safe space for everyone involved. 

We expect all users to consider each other’s comfort before making any comment or remark. Users are also advised to abide by our Community Guidelines at all times. We also recommend reporting spam accounts if they’ve engaged in any inappropriate behavior towards anyone. One can easily Block and Report a user through their profile and the rest would be handled by our highly-skilled team.

Here are some additional points to keep in mind while using the Woo dating app:

Any Kind of Harassment

If any user is found guilty of abusing, targeting, or harassing a user or community on the Woo dating app, they’d be immediately banned. Sending unsolicited and profane content to the people one matches with, encouraging other profiles to do any kind of bullying targeted at a user/community, stalking or intimidating someone are some of the things that we do not condone. Users should kindly refrain from taking any such step and immediately report if someone does any of these things against them or asks them to engage in such behavior.

People Under the Age of 18

Woo is not a place for underage people and this includes anyone below the age of 18. This is a dating platform and adults are expected to practice caution whenever they post any picture with their relatives/children. Users are also requested to report any account that posts such content or shows minors in harmful situations. 

Promotion of Sexual Services/Trafficking 

Woo’s dating algorithm is made for eligible singles to find their compatible matches. This is not a platform for offering sexual services, promoting human trafficking, or coercing other users into paying for any sexual acts. These kinds of acts are sternly prohibited on Woo and the accounts engaged in them will be banned. This space is meant to feel safe as dating should be a personal and pleasant experience. Users are advised to keep away from accounts that ask or provide any sexual or inappropriate services in exchange for money.