Friendship Day: Try these apps to make new friends

A true friend is a person one confides in, he/she is your partner in crime and they help you get out of sticky situations. Some would say friends matter the most after family and some say friends matter more than family. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, that people won’t stop making friends.

These days there are plenty of ways one can socialise and make new friends. Go to a club/pub and start talking to strangers and see if they strike the right chords to be your next bestie. Or use an app that will enable you to find a pal you can go out for dinner or catch a movie with. If you want to try the latter, here is our recommendation of mobile apps , which you can try this Friendship Day to make new friends.



This app enables you to connect with new people near your location. The app lets you meet and chat with men and women based on various search parameters that you key in. Besides chatting, you can give gifts and also share photos with your new buddies. After you apply the filters the app matches you with the people you are most likely to get along with. You can also select different locations and select people who you want to talk to from there.

The only downer to this app is that it displays a lot of advertisements. However, that should not be a reason for staying away from meeting new people locally and from all over the world.



If you are looking for that special someone to befriend and date in India, then Woo is a must try app. The app has a slogan , “Sometimes, all you need is one meeting” and we agree. A bit like Skout, Woo also connects you with like-minded people after you key in the preferences.

Many claim, they have found not just life partners, but good friends too via this app. Overall, this app leans a little towards finding a dating match, but as they say all great partnerships start from a great friendship.


Tinder social (Tinder app)

Tinder has launched a new feature called Tinder Social in the app. The feature lets you create groups and connect with other groups of friends, chat and plan activities. Select 1-3 friends to start a group. And then assign a group status from a list of activities like “Comedy night,” “Sunday Funday” et al. A user can only be part of one group at a time.

The group creator can choose to ‘End Group’ by deleting it along with the thread. In any case the conversation thread in a group disappears at noon the next day.

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