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Is too much of love around making you lonely? Or is your friend’s excitement for Valentine’s making you jealous? No need to feel disappointed as we get you something interesting to hog on this romantic fervour. Though it might sound like a Bollywood story of finding love with apps, it can turn into a benefit for people in awe with the idea of love. Let your phone do the talking


1 Woo: If getting into a genuine relationship is your priority, then this app might help you find one. Woo helps the professionals find their kind of partner in their city. It keeps the information private and filters out unnecessary people. To start with your search, you simply have to check profiles in the app, including their verified bio, interests and photos. Select the people who match your lifestyle preferences by swiping it down. If they select you as well, the Woo is working. In case you have common friends, they can help you in getting to know the other person better.

2. Thrill: An advantageous app for ladies. If she finds a guy thrilling enough, she has the liberty to verify if it’s him only with the help of an audio chat as safety comes first. Once she is convinced, the talking begins. You can even have video chats. Besides, there are a bunch of stickers to make the conversations interesting.

3. Truly Madly: This isn’t something related to the lyrics of song Truly Madly Deeply by One Direction. It is an app which does everything for you once you get logged in. Considering safety, privacy and authenticity as its priority, it verifies the profiles of all the people connected with the app. You simply have to share the information about yourself and it would do the searching. Matching your preferences, it highlights compatible people.

4.Tinder:n Recognised in the US, this app was launched in the City Beautiful nearly a year ago. Tinder ensures a fun experience in finding a match. It suggests people close to your location. Everything is kept secret until you like the person. If the person responds back, the match-making is working. Though a few people call it an old app now, it’s worth a try.

5. Quack Quack: Another easy Internet match-making for the singles. Simply click to download it from the Google play store or its website and you can get going in finding the one for you. Just specify your hobbies, interests, photos and a little description about yourself to help the other person find you. The search option or My Matches in the app can be used to find the right one to get ‘quack-quacking’!

6. DesiCrush: This South-Asian Indian dating app gets going when you are ready. Capable of working on both computer and mobile device, the app lets you know the whereabouts of the people around you. Specify a few details about yourself and browse profiles that match your criteria. It even allows receiving messages from people who fascinate you.


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