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Dating Tips: Now you can live App-ily ever after

Let’s face it. Dating in India can be tricky business that needs more than just chemistry between the participants. It’s not exactly a surprise to anyone that India is not the safest place to go out and meet a stranger.

But thankfully, the switch to digital is steadily, if slowly, ensuring that Indians have a pleasant experience with multiple options to choose from while dating online. Here are a few:

If you want a relationship…. go the Woo way

“We at Woo are very clear about keeping thril l-seekers and married folks out through a three-layered filtering process,” says Sumesh Menon, co-founder and CEO. “Woo is all about real connections, and meaningful relationships.” Woo, according to Menon, has already formed 300K matches and has 200K users at present.


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