What’s your ‘Woo-Q’? Video tutorial series offers good dating advice

If you’ve signed up on a dating app but have no clue of how to make the first move, ‘Hey, can I have your phone number?’ may not be the best icebreaker. Dating is complicated, and with the advent of online dating, the rules of the game have changed.

If you are looking to get tips from behaviour analysts and people who monitor these apps regularly, you might want to check out videos uploaded on a subscription-based channel by Woo Academy that claims to be a masterclass in dating.

“I started Woo in 2014. The idea was to create a dating app meant for Indian youth. We function quite differently from the rest of the world in our tastes and online behaviour, and it was important to keep these sensibilities in mind,” shares Sumesh Menon, CEO and co-founder of the online venture.

“Over time, we realised that there is a certain etiquette to online dating that many people still haven’t figure out. So, we decided to put these videos together and roped in behavioural researcher Khyati Gupta Babbar, who specialises in non-verbal communication at Santulan (a research institute) in Delhi. We have also kept the matching behaviour of over four million users around the globe in mind,” adds the 40-year-old sales entrepreneur.

The series of ten 7-10 minute episodes brings you up to speed with the rules of dating in a relatable, light-hearted format. How to dress on your first date, the right things to say and more importantly, what not to do on your date and while chatting online, are the first few videos.

They feature classes in the form of real-life situations enacted by primly-dressed actor, Sudev Nair, who walks you through initial challenges to the ultimate goal of sustaining a fulfilling relationship. “The idea is to enable you to identify your innate gifts and skills, and use them to present yourself in a way that is appealing,” concludes Menon.

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