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WOO Your Perfect Match

While everyone waits for Apple to release the iWatch, Android phone manufacturers are releasing smartwatches based on Android Wear.After LG, Samsung and Motorola, Asus is likely to be the next to release a smartwatch. The company has teased an image on social media which confirms this.Reports say that the watch will be cheaper than the existing offerings and will have an Amoled screen.

U2opia Mobile has launched WOO, an Android and iOS app for young and single professionals to connect and hopefully find their soul mate. It blends casual dating apps and old-fashioned matrimonial websites based on criteria like similar lifestyles and interests. The app actively curates people before letting them in letting only single people sign up.

Here’s How to Get Yourself in a Celeb Selfie

Wish you had been in that famous Ellen selfie from last year’s Oscars? Now a new app Doublie makes it easy. Download the app, choose from a gallery of celebrity photos and insert yourself into the pic, share it and wait for the `likes’. Doublie creator Shane Walker sold his last startup SocialWeekend to Adknowledge in April. -Business Insider.

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