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Woo app woos users with debut TV campaign

Matchmaking app Woo launched its debut TV campaign on Wednesday, highlighting that love is waiting around the corner provided you look for it at the right place.

“The reason we planned the TVC at this time is because we’ve completed a year in market with over one million downloads, making us the largest player in the exploding matchmaking category.

“We’re also on a constant innovation curve and have launched a host of features that take the user experience beyond swipes and bring depth back into the matchmaking process,” Sumesh Menon, CEO and co-founder, Woo, said in a statement.

Produced by Mumbai-based production house Electric Dreams Film Company and directed by Aniruddha Sen, the TVC tells a story of two young people working in a city. They are seen going about their lives, meeting friends, exploring the city. They’re oblivious to each other, yet, somehow, their paths keep crossing until finally one day, they make a connection.

“All of us have a love story. For some of us, it becomes a reality and for some of us it remains ‘if only’. I created the script on this ‘if only’ factor, a story of two lives that are meant to be together, who want to be connected, if only they would discover one another.

“This film needed a balance of reality and lyricism. We tried to bring that in the spaces, the mood, the colour and the lensing.

“We shot the film in Kolkata, which offered us beautiful locations, and has a lot of character,” said Sen.

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